How I created a $1 Fall 'O' for my interchangeable Home sign.

This past Labor Day weekend, I decided to spruce up my front porch and add in some Fall decor. Yeah, a little early I know!

So with the previous wooden 'HOME' sign I made; but never uses, I left off the 'O' because I knew I wanted to change it out with the seasons. I just never figured with what.....until now!

On a routine trip to Dollar Tree {yes, I said routine trip}, I spotted some Jack O-Lantern signs hanging in the Halloween section that appeared to be perfect size for my Fall 'O'.

The Jack O-Lantern sign came covered in glitter so I knew that was the first thing I had to tackle. I grabbed my circular electric sander and got to sanding off all that glitter. Then, I flipped the sign over to the side which was a perfect, smooth, blank canvas.

I grabbed some left over Waverly chalk and painted to the shape and curvature of a pumpkin. I did a base coat with white and dry brushed in black and orange...which I later added.

The 'Before' photo below shows the lantern after being sanded and the raised mouth removed.

So you're probably wondering how did I attach it or you might have guessed it....Velcro Command Strips! Easy Peezy!!!

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