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Home Number Wood Sign Anyone?

Those that know me know I love to decorate my home and porch and I am averse to meddling outdoor creatures i.e. birds and stray dogs and cats.

I previously had a wreath on my door that the birds grew extremely fond of. I tried all sort of remedies to keep them away but they always returned. (cayenne pepper worked the best.)

I needed an alternative to the wreath….

While strolling on Pinterest one day, I came across some wood round signs! Instantly, I thought to myself, this is perfect! Those birds can‘t make nests on that!

I then ventured over the my favorite How-to App (YouTube) to learn how make the sign (the right way of course).

I shared my new creation on several social media platforms and received a huge interest. Everyone wanted a wood round sign! (WHOA!) I made a few signs for a few local supports but some many people across the country wanted one.

The cost to ship these signs was a hard NO for me, t but I can share how I do them.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 12-18" Wood Round from your local home improvement store

  • Painters Tape 1-3" (depending on design such as stripes)

  • Wood stain ( I used Miniwax in the color Dark Walnut 2716)

  • Chalk paint ( I used Antique White)

  • Paint Brush

  • Mini Foam Roller and Paint Tray....or plate. Use what you have!

  • Sander (Electric or manual, both ways work!)

  • Water- based Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane (Clear)

  • (2) D-Hooks with screws and Screw Driver

  • Accessories: Bows, Floral (optional)

  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

  • Jute Robe for hanging

Start off by giving your wood round a good sanding including sides. Remove all the dust created from sanding. Next, apply an even coat of stain to the wood round using a piece of microfiber towel. Apply stain to all sides of the wood round. Allow stain to completely dry and apply a coat of urethane to the back side of the round. Dry for at least 24hrs.

Once stain is completely dry, it's time for painting. First decision what type of design you want such as stripes. Apply painter tape evenly apart by using a piece of tape for your guide. Be sue the tape is adhered well by pressing down along the edge of the tape strips. Using a mini foam roller, apply a thin coat of chalk paint evenly across the wood round top and side.

Allow paint to completely dry between coats. (I applied 2 coats giving it a light sanding between each coat.) Next, remove the tape, take a step back in admiration. (Allow yourself a few minutes in gloat in your glory.) Apply a thin, even coat of urethane to the front and sides of the wood round. Again, allow protective coat to dry for at least 24hrs.

Apply the D-hooks to the back of the wood round 3" from each edge. Tie some jute robe to the D-hooks and seal the ends with hot glue. Then it's time for accessorizing the front.

I accessorized with the house numbers, some artificial eucalyptus, and a bow I made with leftover ribbon straps using zip-ties. Apply the décor with a combination of hot glue and E-6000 allowing to dry for several hours with pressure on top (like a book).

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