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To CANCEL Your Customization Order:
Text or call Porshia at 803.306.6030
If an invoice has been generated for your order and you do not wish to move forward, simply disregard the invoice and DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT OR DEPOSIT. Your invoice will canceled in our system 3 days after due date.
If you would like to CANCEL YOUR ORDER AFTER YOU HAVE SUBMITTED PAYMENT in full or deposit, you will be refunded 40% of the order total, only if payment have been made in full. If payment have been submitted in the form of deposit, you will not be issued a refund of any amount due to cover the cost of materials, supplies and labor invested in your order already.

Policy and Report an ERROR Instructions:
ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No returns or exchanges for shop credit or refund, unless an error has been made to your order by MADE SC. IF AN ERROR CAN PROVEN TO BE THE FAULT OF MADE SC, customers have option of requesting a refund in full or applying funds to future or other orders. Errors must be reported within 24 hours of delivery of your order.
Customers are responsible for all incorrect information submitted to MADE SC for embroidery and any other personalization services. Customers are not entitled to refund or fund applied to other orders if the error was made by them. This means if you submit the incorrect spelling for personalization to MADE SC and request for it to be corrected after embroidery or other personalization services are in the process or completed, a new invoice will be generated and payment will be expected in full. To report an error claim, call or text Porshia at 803.266.1646.
Changes made to orders are considered to be color scheme intended fabrics and/or merchandise to be used. It is also changes made to the personalization requests which includes: thread colors, letters, numbers and words added. The costs applied to make changes to your order will cover fees associated with supplies, materials and labor invested. The fee[s] are determined by MADE SC and must be paid in full to move forward with your order. Please note in many cases, changes can result in your design being canceled and a new order in place. Please review our policy for canceled orders.
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